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Nextwigs is a leading online retailer of wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions and accessories. With outstanding supply chain solution, we provide quality service for more than one million customers in over 20 countries.  

Like the Apple Inc., we do not own factories. We only specialize in R & D, design and solutions to solve customers' needs. In nearly 10 years of operation, we have more than 20 cooperating factories, now we integrate nearly 10 outstanding hair products factory and take quality control from the procurement of raw materials, the design of hairstyle model to every aspect of factory production, thus to ensure that each order can achieve the required quality system standards.

Customers’ needs are diverse and personalized, Nextwigs only focuses on the production of customized orders for the special needs of customers, we strictly follow the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) to control the entire process. More than 3 million customers in over 30 countries worldwide have witnessed our specialty, in the meantime we are very grateful to these customers who have provided us with a very large number of feasible and optimized solutions. These optimized solutions have already been transformed into customers’s actual demand. Please allow us to show our great sincerity to every customer who has provided excellent suggestions for us.


June 2007
Nextwigs was established in June 2006. We focused on the wholesale of wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions and accessories as the main products.

September 2008
With the advantage of supply chain resources as a wholesaler, Nextwigs began to supply online retail services.

December 2009
Nextwigs website went online, supplying wigs, harpieces, hair extensions, accessories and other products. There were only 500 sku at that time.

July 2010
Nextwigs established a long-term partnership with the world's largest synthetic wig supplier Kanekalon in Japan. We could enjoy the supply of their most advanced and most excellent chemical fiber, thus to ensure our strength in product prices.

February 2011
Nextwigs expanded its online retail business to Ireland. We are trying to expand the business to more countries through business restructuring.

April 2012
Nextwigs established a partnership with Australia Post, and built the procurement and logistics service center in Australia.

October 2013
Our Australia and New Zealand online stores went into operation, thus our online retail business has expanded from Europe to Australia.

June 2014
Nextwigs started a long-term cooperative relationship with DPD logistics, and tried to expand our business to other European countries outside the UK.

December 2015
Our German business went into operation. Relying on good logistics solutions provider, we expanded our retail business to the whole Europe.

May 2016
Nextwigs strengthened the business cooperation with DHL, UPS and FEDEX, and set a logistic center in US, starting to expan our North American business.

March 2017
Our U.S. business went into operation.

October 2018
Our Canadian business went into operation.

April 2019
We adjusted more than 10 vendors into 6, and provided them more comprehensive guidance for standardization process.

May 2020
Our users exceeded three million, and American users have passed 200,000.


March 2021

We already have the professional Design Department, Customer Service Department, Purchasing Department, Warehouse department, Finance Department, Logistics Department. All of them has more than 5 years of relative working experience. Before launch, every item goes through serious testing with real women/men.The powerful design department will continue to bring new and better wig for you.

Our Products
We specialize in wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions and accessories as the main products. We only supply personalized products that consumers can afford. We do not provide high-end products, but we can guarantee the quality of our products is high-end.

Our Partners
As a global online retailer, we cannot make so great achievements without the support of many partners: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, DPD, DHL, Royal Mail, Hermes, UPS, Fedex, KANEKALON.

Nextwigs Global Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of wigs.Contact Person: Miss Shirley Address: 137 W San Bernardino Rd, 91723, CA, United States.E-mail: [email protected]Verified Paypal: [email protected]Notice: This is not the returning address. If you need to return the item, please contact the customer service firstly.If you have any questions please contact us by [email protected] freely!